Welcome to DIET North 24 Parganas Campus

Banipur in the district of North 24 Parganas in West Bengal is a small township  about 46 km away from Kolkata. It has a number of educational institutions from Primary Schools to Govt. College of Education (CTE), Post Graduate Govt. Institute etc. Over the years may be due to a large number of academic institutions it has developed its own educational ambience, a prerequisite needed for imparting /receiving learning in the proper sense of the word. Banipur has its own tradition in the academic sphere. It has the serenity, a natural environment which touches every soul visiting the place. Its flora and fauna never fails to impress the visitor.

Our Mission

1.Strategies may be formed towards the 100% attendance of the students as per direction of
Right to Educational Act

2.Implementation of NCF-2005 and NCF-2009

3.Training Strategies should be made for quality education in the classrooms situation without any discrimination

4.Implementation of Child Protection Act

5.Quality improvement of the teachers improvement of the system

6.Assesment /Evalution

7.Action Plan and programme for acquiring skills to improve economic status and general well being from the point of view carrier counseling and guidance for students should be given

8.Action Research & Project Works on quality education should be taken according to the need of the society & present education system.

9.Project & becoming awareness population programme an essential values like national
integration women’s equality, conservation of environment, abuse of drug care of respect to the

10.To strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity for higher levels of achievement.

11.A child cantered and activity based process of learning should be adopted.

12.Pans should be made for promotion of education of the following groups:
i) SC/ST
ii) Girls & Women
iii) Minorities
iv) The educationally disadvantages groups line working children, seem child etc.
v) Physically disadvantaged child

Our Vision

1.To make Primary education all extension at the District Level.

2.To undertake action research to improve the quality of Primary education.

3.To conduct different kinds of training programmes to improve quality of basic and secondary education and to create a desirable environment with in the district to enroll more children of school going age and Pave the way for retention.

Principal Message

I am sure our students will always strive to uphold the dignity of our college and keep its flag ever flying high. India is known for its rich values, culture and heritage. I impress upon all our young learning community to emerge as her proud and worthy citizens. I wish our students all success in their endeavours.

-Dr. Iman Ali

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